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Dr. S. Inoue Erfinder der Sun Ancon Chi Maschine (links im Bild) und Gordon Pan, Gründer von HTE, lizensierter Hersteller der SUNANCON original Chi Maschine, nach den Vorgaben von Dr. S. Inoue.






Aug. 1990: Japan, Application acceptance #159, by the Medical Affairs Division of the Health Department in Shizuoka Prefecture, from Skylite Industry Co Ltd, for the manufacture of Sun Harmony remedial device. Approval No. 02B No.1539 


Sep. 1990: Hsin Ten Enterprise Co. Ltd. was founded / Sun Ancon Aerobic Exerciser was introduced. Researched and developed by a joint venture between Taiwan and Japan (manufactured in China as of 2002). *


1993: The Ministry of Health and Welfare in Japan approved it as a remedial medical device twice over. License No: O2B 1539 and 02B 0694. *


1993, USA grants UL approval - File #E133341. 


Sep. 1993: HTE signed the contract for technical cooperation and worldwide sole agent with Japan's SkyLite Industry Co., Ltd. 


1993 and 1994: It was awarded the Silver Eagle Award for the Best Product at the 2nd Asia Pacific Direct Selling Congress 


1995: Hsin Ten won first prize during selections for the outstanding Commercial and Industrial Enterprises Awards and was awarded with a gold medal for achieving excellence in industry and commerce in 1996. *


In November 1996, Hsin Ten headquarters became the first direct selling company in Taiwan whose quality management system was approved by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Limited under the Quality Management System Standard - LRQA ISO-9002. 


November 1997: 86.33 acres of land was purchased for a production base in Hefei city, Anhui Province, China. Same month, Hsin Ten awarded outstanding Enterprise Award. 


Asian Patents 1990, USA Patent 1992, International Patents 1994. Today there are now patents in over 11 countries including: America 5107822 and 329499, Australia 59411/94, Germany G9208487.7 and Great Britain 202 3294. 


2001 USA, the FDA regulated the Chi Machine as a Class 1 Therapeutic Massager. 


2001: Listed as a medical device by the Therapeutic Goods Association of Australia. 


April 26th 2001, Licensed as a medical device in Canada, # 28813, medical device regulations section 36. 


Registered as an oxygen exerciser/medical apparatus aerobic exercisor in Spain, the UK, France, Italy and Germany. * 2010 Over 5,5 million sold worldwide. * 98% customer satisfaction. * For ages 4yrs to 100yrs.